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Sunday, April 30, 2006

New Barbershop Proposes Lingerie For Work Wear

Peter Carlino has proposed an idea for a new hair salon in New Hampshire. In his shop, the female hairstylists will wear lingerie, and the customers will be allowed to choose what their favorite stylist wears. The place would be called "Paradise Cuts", and Carlino believes it is the next step in hair.

From what I know of New Hampshire woman (I am about to make a generalization about a large group of people), this salon should probably be avoided like syphilis, which, if this idea leads anywhere near where it appears to be going, may not be far off. Judging from these pictures, if I had a choice of what my hairstylist wore, I would select a nice set of overalls, or anything else made of heavy denim and having a large coverage area.

But an underwear salon would certainly appeal to some people, because as many of us know, there is nothing quite as erotic as a half-naked woman weilding a pair of scissors and a comb. For the others, this image might bring back memories of some of your first hair-cuts, given by your mom.

But in the end, I fear that sharp objects, hot rollers, a chair with gearing mechanisms, and nudity just don't mix. Throw in an inevitable sexual harrasment lawsuit, and you have yourself a business fit for Las Vegas. I'm not sure that New Hampshire is ready for type of enterprise, and I have a feeling it will only take a few lawsuits for stylist injury, and perhaps a wrongful death suit or two, to make Peter Carlino reconsider this business idea.


Wren said...

A few years back someone had proposed (or started up) a shop where the hairdressers went topless. As a woman, I find this about as appealing as the topless waitress idea (don't want to see fried eggs with my fried eggs).

But what about male stylists? If they were totally nude, with the customers sitting that would put their package right about face level. Puts a new spin on the blowing out portion of the do.

The Flamingo said...

Hah! I know what you mean. Someone proposed in my town a topless coffee shop at one point. I can't imagine that boiling water and breasts go well together. As far as men go, I don't think women would find nude male stylists as appealing as men find women, but that is just my opinion. Hopefully no one tries to make one of those.

Mankind said...

Now, I'll admit one thing here... I absolutley love to have my hair washed and head rubbed by the lady at the salon. However, she's about 320 lbs. Lingerie or topless would completely mess up the vibe. And they could get away with murder... However this would work toward your idea of everyone getting a bad haircut to rid our world of racism. Would any man acutally notice they got a bad haircut if the woman doing it was A)HOT!!! and B) topless or in lingerie? Probably not until it was way too late.
Good stuff here. Love your writing.

still_wayne said...

Funny stuff, man..your blog.