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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

2007 NCAA Final Four Suggestions

After 4 of the best rounds the NCAA Division I basketball tournament has ever seen, the final four was highly anticipated. Unfortunately for fans, who paid big money to get tickets a year in advance, the last 3 games were about as competitive as the high jump in the special olympics. Unless you were from Florida, you were most certainly disappointed, as you were forced to watch 3 games that were seperated by a total of 45 points (the four games in the round of 8 were seperated by a total of 30 points). I think that the NCAA has an obligation to its fans to provide some sort of extra entertainment for the people that have waited an entire year to watch the games, and that is why I have formulated a few sugesstions.

1.) Naked Fire Juggling- If there is one way that I know of to make a great spectator sport, it is to combine nudity with fire. Perhaps during half-time, the NCAA could hire a man to juggle naked for awhile, and if all goes well, the fans will get to see someone burst into flames. Of course, the man would be sprayed with some highly flammable substance beforehand, just to make things more interesting. Take this man, for instance. Had he been doing this naked, there may have actually been some people there watching.

2.) Cheerleader Mud Wrestling- If juggling really hot sticks is a little too tame for you, then this should be right down your alley. I suggest that directly following the fire juggling, the cheerleaders from both schools should compete in a no holds barred mud wrestling competition at center court. The contest could consist of either one-on-one match-ups, or a full team free-for-all. In the interest of time, the male cheerleaders would not be allowed to compete.

Well, I'd say I've made some fantastic, thought-provoking suggestions for the NCAA Tournament Committee to consider next year. If they know what's good for them, they will certainly put my ideas into practice.

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