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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Finally, The Cure For Racism

Most people have seen or experience racism at some time in their lives (except Italians of course, since they are superior to everyone else), but no one has proposed a clear cut solution, until now. I believe, that if we are ever to be truly equal, we must all get only one thing: a bad hair cut. If the plan works correctly, by the time someone is finished gawking at your head, chances are they will never even notice the color of your skin (unless you're Native American...people can spot a Native American from miles away).

It should be noted that I have yet to do any real research on the possible effects of this plan (I came up with it on friday night, but all the white people were bowling, the black people were dunking basketballs, the hispanic people were playing baseball, and the asians were doing math problems).

At least one Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, has already given my idea her full endorsement. With hair like this, not even a Klan member would notice the color of her skin. Although many people felt McKinney's hair-doo looked something like Ronald McDonald's after a long night's sleep, I think it is safe to say she is just ahead of her time.

Based on what I have written, I see no reason for states not to begin to institute mandatory hair-cuts for all citizens. There would have to be many choices to go along with the Cynthia McKinney, such as Donald Trump, Albert Einstein, and High School Vice Principal. After all, why take the time to get to know each other individually when we can simply cover our differences with laws and regulations.

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