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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Evolution Of The Modern President

A recent discovery in rural Pennsylvania has led a team of archaeologists to draft the above sketch of the evolution of the modern president. The team uncovered the remains of what they call a "missing link" between the era of common sense, and the era of outright stupidity. The remains date back to the early 1900's, directly before the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson. Scientists describe this find as a huge piece of the puzzle, and they feel it gives them a much better idea of where it all "fell apart." A spokesman commented that "Before this discovery, there was a serious lack of transitional evidence. To many people, it seemed like we had gone directly from winning the Spanish-American War and establishing gold as the standard for paper money, to a President who can't even pronounce the word "nuclear." I feel this just reaffirms what has been taught in civics classes for the last 50 years.

The find comes during the peak of intense debates that pit the evolutionary political scientists against the so-called "intelligent president" theorists. Proponents of the intelligent president hypothesis state that this model can't account for all of the cases that we see today, and many point to an "irreducible simplicity" in the minds of many of today's presidents. They urge schools to teach the controversy, pointing to the Clinton sex-scandal, the Watergate scandal, and Lyndon Johnson. Scientists continue to assert that there is no controversy, saying there is absolutely no evidence to support the intelligent president theory.


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Dr O2 said...

dude it is happening all around the planet!! Seems like the planet of the apes have decided to take over ;-)

We've got the same problem in Iran if not worse ;-)

P-Style said...

The laws of thermodynamics, everything dergrades right?

How do US voters decide whne the only two options they have are ridiculous?


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