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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Spousal Spy Gear

Do you suspect your spouse, significant other, or object of your affection of not checking with you every time they make a decision? Are you tired of having that pesky trust discussion every time they catch you spying on them from behind the mailbox on the street corner, or listening on the upstairs phone while they have a conversation with a member of the opposite sex? Let's face it, there is no room for trust in today's relationships. If you are concerned that your girlfriend/boyfriend isn't telling you every minor detail about their life, chances are they are probably cheating on you. Luckily, now you'll never have to worry, because you can stalk your partner from the comfort of your own home with these spy tools. First we have the WorldTRAK GPS, shown here fitting in the palm of your hand, just like your spouse will be when you tell them that you know that they stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond on their way home from work. But if just knowing where your partner is isn't enough, now you can hear their conversations with this watch recorder. Disguise it as a generous gift and they will never see it coming. Pick up every detail of that meeting with upper management, or that meeting with the sexy cashier from the supermarket. Finally, do you suspect that your spouse is spying on you? Now you can be sure with this Micro Bug Detector, which detects audio and video bugs from up to 5 meters away! Imagine the peace of mind you will have knowing that someone isn't listening in on your $0.99 a minute call to your favorite phone sex hotline. With technological advances happening all the time, it is important that you stay one step ahead of the game, and with a list price of right around $280, you can't afford not to buy this detector. Trust now comes in electronic form, don't let this movement leave you behind, get your spousal spy equipment today!


Trailer Queen said...

I found this hilariously entertaining and extremely curious. I had no idea... spywear for your sweetie... hmmm

The Flamingo said...

Thanks for the comment! I ran across an advertisement for these and I also found it curious that so many people buy them.