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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Golden Gate Bridge: Landmark or Death Trap?

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most recognizable pieces of architecture in San Francisco. Some call it breathtaking, some beautiful, but another group has been calling it a hazard. These are the people in favor of putting up a suicide barrier. What would cause a group of people to want to sully the appearance of this otherwise beautiful bridge you ask? As it turns out, the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most popular suicide sites in the world, with over 1,200 people jumping to their deaths since the bridge opened in 1937. With so many people killing themselves on this bridge, why has the city been so determined not to put up barriers? It has been proposed 7 times, and still nothing has been done. Many people feel that it would cost too much money, and others think that if people couldn't commit suicide at the Golden Gate Bridge, they would simply go someplace else. Eve Meyer disagrees, and in an associated press story she said "When suicide becomes difficult, people do not switch to another method. They tend to get help." This seems like very sound logic, drawing on the fact that people who give up on life easily, will most likely give up on suicide pretty easily as well. Suicide barriers also offer people who are determined to kill themselves one last chance to find something they are not good at: climbing. Imagine being all ready to kill yourself, parking your car, and making the walk out onto the bridge only to find out that you have vastly insufficient upper body strength. Here's an idea: take the money you would have used to put up a suicide barrier and instead put it into your economy! San Francisco's unemployment rate is above the national average, and it is one of the most expensive cities in the nation to live in, not to mention the gargantuan cost of healthcare in the area. Oh, and I almost forgot, ENOUGH with the streetcars! No one cares about those things. You know what I like about buses? NO RAILS! And don't even get me started on cable cars. With so much going on in San Francisco, it's no wonder why so many people are taking any chance they can get to hurl themselves off the Golden Gate Bridge. If I lived in the Bay Area, I think I would jump off the bridge out of pure spite.

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Craig Lowery said...

Arriving at the wrong conclusions is often the result of asking the wrong questions. Liberal ideas and social policies are at the root of San Francisco's woes. More of the same can never fix it. San Francisco is an expensive place to live BECAUSE OF liberal ideas and social policies. We should be asking what choices, lifestyles & decisions led these people to consider suicide, and learn therefrom to avoid those causes. Liberals choose instead the path of "if it don't work, do it harder".