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Monday, February 27, 2006

President Bush Expresses Frustration Over Boggle Loss

In a statement released by the White House monday morning, George W. Bush said that he was "moderately upset" about his loss to his daughter Jenna in a game of Boggle Saturday night. The game began after an altercation between Bush and his daughter, who wanted to go out for the night, but the President refused to allow her. "I told her if she could beat me in Boggle, she could go out, but I never expected her to win", George W. said. A popular word game, Boggle pits two opponents against each other as they try to make words from scrambled letters. When asked about the game, the President said, "I simply misunderestimated her word finding ability, you wouldn't believe how many words longer than 4 letters that girl knows". The First Lady then added, "We're not quite sure where she gets it from."

During the game, Jenna Bush said the she never had any doubt she would win even though she was "mildly intoxicated" before the game began. At one point in the match, the Bush twin caught her father cheating, but she said it was too little too late. "It turns out he had a microphone in his ear, and Karl Rove was giving him words", Jenna reported.

While the President was upset at the loss he maintains that he is still optimistic, and says he is "making great progress". In conclusion, as Jenna was leaving the White House, he remarked, "I wouldn't be surprised if she finds a pile of naked war prisoners in her room when she comes home".

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