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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Editorial Cartoon Time!

I saw this first cartoon in a "Pentecostal Evangel" magazine. I'm sure you can see why. It is rare to find editorial cartoonists who are published in fundamentalist religious publications. I suspect this is at least partly because most religious fundamentalists aren't very funny.

The comics here are by Wayne Stayskal. As you can probably see, he is pro-gun, anti-abortion, doesn't buy global warming, and according to the first cartoon, apparently believes the end is near. Take it how you will, I just thought I'd put them up here.

Oh, and here is a little bit about Stayskal from his page on gocomics.com:

Wayne Stayskal, nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist for the Tampa Tribune, keeps readers chuckling and sometimes raises an eyebrow with his sharp wit and intriguing style. His cartoon commentary breaks the boundaries of politics to include topical subjects such as HMOs, education, global warming and the cigarette wars.


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